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Top 10 Best Water Pumps For Cooler in India 2023 (September)

Summertime is here and so is the time for replacing or buying new equipment that meets all your water requirements.

Water is the most basic necessity of human life and near about every household craves for its needs.

Summer is coming soon so you can check out some latest and  Best Water Motor Pumps for Cooler in India (Expert Pick)

We also need the best cooler pump motor for our air cooler for better cooling. So we have selected the top 10 best water pump for cooler in India.

Top 10 Water Cooler Pumps Price List in India 2023

Best Water Pumps For Cooler in India Reviews and Buying Guide

For climates with moderate cooling needs, air cooler water pumps serve as the energy-efficient machine to pump enough water from the filled cooler tank and accelerate that in the form of cool air in air coolers.

Water pump works more efficiently if a proper analysis as to the function, flow rate, and water pressure is conducted for a worth buy.

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We have provided insights into the 10 best water pumps for the cooler to make your research easier. Have a look!

A&Y Store Submersible Cooler Copper Pump

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This machine by A&Y has been bought into the market for all your home improvement needs.

This water pump is a submersible copper pump with 2 pin plugs that keep well with your requirement.

This water pump gives 18W power and is the best budget buy option for the desert coolers. This can be used for fountains, fish tanks, and aquariums as well.

This one is mechanized in such a way that it can be installed easily and is 100% pure copper coated material.

The height of water flow is 1 meter high and it can supply 230 volts power which compliant well with the powerhouse needs.

This water pump by A&Y has a good suction power that makes it worth a buy and this one works well even with voltage fluctuations.

Key Features: Specification

  • 100% pure copper Brand A&Y
  • 230V power Model BO7NX
  • 1 meter high water flow Warranty 1 year
  • Compact and submersible
  • Easy to install

  • Good suction power

  • Power Saver

  • Compact size

  • No after-sale service

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Khaitan Aqua-60 Submersible Pump

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Khaitan Aqua-60 is a perfect fit as this water pump resonates well with the quality and material.

Ideally known as no. 1 brand, this water pump by Khaitan is an 18-watt submersible machine that efficiently works well in lifting water.

The rust-free coated material is long-lasting and free of any harmful chemicals. The motor can lift 1.5 meters and is a shock-proof. T

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he 400 grams motor pump is lightweight which adds up to a portable benefit. Ideally, the pump suits to 3-4 feet height cooler and can work with a 5 feet flow rate.

This motor by Khaitan ideally suits other domestic purposes as well.

Key Features: Specification

  • Multiple utility Brand Khaitan
  • 18 watts power Model Aqua-60
  • 1.5 meters flow rate Weight 400 gm
  • Generates output of 1100 liters/hour
  • Portable

  • Budget-friendly

  • Strong pumping capacity

  • Durable

  • Shock-free

  • Low suction power

  • Short cable length

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Elove 18W-WtrPmp Submersible Pump

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This one by Elove has been built with a unique design that synchronizes well with the high-grade material.

If you are looking for a power saver option, this one truly sets a perfect example.

The compact Elove machine defines portability and is useful for aquariums, fountains, etc. Elova motor pump carries 18-watt power and can run with 180V-230V voltage capacity.

This heavy-duty pump raises 1100L/h or 3800L/h of output which is equal to 2.80m of water lifting capacity.

Key Features: Specification

  • Heavy Duty Pump Brand Elove
  • Power consumption Model 18W-WtrPmp
  • High-grade material Weight 40 grams
  • Multiple usage Power 18 watt
  • Good Suction power

  • Easy to install

  • Budget-friendly

  • Portable

  • Short length power cord

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GLUN Submersible Pump

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This one is a compact and small-sized invention in the market that can be fully immersed in water. This brand has been featured as top quality as it serves the multi-usage comfort that truly ends up with good results.

This water pump is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is highly efficient.

Power consumption plays an important role in determining the overall effect of any device and this one truly lives up to that by saving 50% of the power utility.

This one has a solid forceful strength that keeps the device shock-proof.

The pump has an 18watt motor that can vacuum the pump to a height of 6 feet. This one is coated with plastic and weighs approximately 360 grams.

The flow rate of this pump is measured as 1000 liters per hour that makes for adequate water capacity.

Key Features: Specification

  • Plastic material is durable Brand GLUN
  • 18w motor power capacity Model BO7MWB
  • Can lift water up to 6 feet Weight 360 grams
  • Carries output of 1000 liters per hour Power 18w power
  • Good Suction power

  • Easy to install

  • Good flow rate

  • Easy to clean

  • Short wire length

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Sameer Submersible Cooler Pump

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This one by Sameer comes with a nozzle attached as a highly submersible compact designed product. This water pump weighs around 350 grams and can push water up to 5-6 feet.

This plastic-outer pump has a copper motor that is waterproof and has a decent strength to pump the water at the greater output. This one yields 1100Liters per hour and is noiseless.

In the prospect of electricity consumption, this has a good suction power that saves 50-60% electricity with an 18watt low electrical power. This can be operated on 165-250 voltage capacity and is highly water resilient.

The 1-year warranty guarantee card attached gives scope for a must buy an efficient output water pump.

Key Features: Specification

  • Water-resistant plastic material Brand SAMEER
  • Efficient flow rate Model SAL006
  • Good suction power Weight 350 grams
  • Maximum output efficiency of 1100 l/h Power 18watt power
  • Good quality material

  • Attached power cable

  • Power cable length is 1.5 feet

  • Good suction power

  • Efficient flow rate

  • Not a known brand

  • Low-pressure pump

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ESN 999 Submersible Water Pump

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This ESN 999 Submersible water pump is quite powerful as it has premium quality with high efficient discharge pressure that makes the space for a unique buy.

This one is a 19watt power with 2 pin plugs and can be best suitable for fountains or aquariums as well.

With a dynamic effective pressure quality, this one can stretch water level to a height of 1.7 meters with an output pipe size of ½ inch. This one by ESN has a pretty decent flow rate of 800 liters/ hour.

This one is quite a decent buy if your budget seeks for a small but powerful pump that works at a high speed and is rust-resistant.

Key Features: Specification

  • Compact yet powerful Brand ESN
  • High-speed efficient Model BO7R6
  • 19 watt power capacity Power 19 watt
  • Has lifting capacity of 5-6 feet height Weight 340 grams
  • A good flow rate of 800 liters an hour
  • High speed

  • Good pressure level up to 6 feet

  • Multiple usages

  • High power capacity

  • Noisy

  • Short length cord

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Lazer Spring Submersible Pump

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This one by Laser is a multi-purpose spring submersible pump that fits well with the cooling needs. This water pump by a laser has an ultimate design and is short in size that gives this invention a portable definition.

This rust-free designed device by Laser can be used for fountains, aquariums, or cooler.

This water pump works well with a cooler height of 3-4 feet and is convenient for long-lasting hours. The speed of the motor can be increased to the extent of the maximum capacity and as per the purpose.

This 18-watt power device can lift 1.6 meters of water and can operate well on 230 voltage capacity.

Key Features: Specification

  • 18-watt power generator Brand Lazer Spring
  • High-speed Model Spring 5′ Feet
  • 1.6 meters discharge capacity Power 18 watt
  • 230 voltage requirement Voltage 230 V
  • High speed

  • Good suction power

  • Can be adjusted according to flow

  • Super silent machine

  • No pin plug

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AmiciTools Khaitan aqua-60 water pump

This is another blast by Khaitan but with a different model and design. This one is quite heavy in size but fits perfectly to serve any purpose.

It can be an ideal use for fountains with LVs technology, Aquarium, and desert air cooler.

This 18-watt motor can lift water to 1.6 meters length with a powerful flow rate of 1100L/H.

The Khaitan water pump has a dry running technology with 4 suction cups for grip.

Key Features: Specification

  • Dry running protection technology Brand AmiciTools Khaitan
  • 4 suction cups Model Aqua-60
  • Lifting capacity of 5 feet Power 18 watt
  • 1-year warranty Output 1100L/H
  •  Easy to install

  • In-built protection technology

  • 1-year warranty

  • Short wire length

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Zolta 60 Khaitan Copper winding pump

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This fully submersible water pump by Khaitan fits right to your needs and is built and designed with copper high-grade material.

The rust-free pump can be used for gardening or small fountains and operates well even with voltage fluctuations.

The pump is easily accessible for high-pressure water and is fitted with thermal overload protection.

Key Features: Specification

  • High-grade copper winding Brand Khaitan
  • Multi usage Model Zolta 60
  • 18-watt power generator Power 18 watt
  • LVS technology Max head 1.6 meters
  • Thermal overload technology Output 1100liters/ hour
  • High-speed flow

  • Good suction power

  • Easy installing

  • Powerful high pressure

  • Noisy

  • No warranty

Generic Submersible water cooler pump

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No products found.

This one by Generic is high in quality and has an ABS body with a copper motor. This is a 20-watt pump that results in much higher efficiency, unlike the above-listed ones.

This stain-free device runs high with 165-250 V power supply and can lift water to a maximum reach of 1. 85 meters.

The high speed and efficient suction power result in a good output level of 1100L/h that proves the overall ultimate performance of this device.

Key Features: Specification

  • ABS copper motor Brand Generic
  • 20-watt suction power Model Passico
  • Multi-purpose utility Weight 250 grams
  • Water lifting capacity of 1.85 meters Output 1100L/H
  • Fully submersible

  • Durable

  • Noisy

  • No warranty


With high competition, competitors are raising the graph to build high-quality material with added benefits.

With thorough research, we have concluded that the above listed top 10 best water pumps for cooler are truly the ones worth investing in.

If you are looking for the best overall performance, we would suggest buying Khaitan Aqua-60 for the premium quality best buy.

Best Water Pumps for Cooler Buying Guide

Before buying or selecting a water pump for a desert cooler, it is important to know and consider the following factors.

How to Select a Water Pump Motor for the Cooler

Check the Flow rate of the water cooler motor pump

The flow rate is the time taken by a pump to move a given amount of water. Before selecting a water pump for your desert cooler, it is advisable to check the required cooler flow rate.

Some pumps are designed with very high flow rates and so uneconomical for use with a desert cooler only. It is important to select a pump that matches the required flow rate per minute by the desert cooler.

Another factor to consider under the flow rate is the intended use of the pump. For economical reasons, one can decide to use the same pump to use with the desert cooler as well as the general home use.

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Maximum head of the desert air cooler water pump

This is the maximum height that the pump is capable of pumping water. The maximum head is determined by the height of your desert cooler and depth of the well.

You should select a pump with a maximum head greater than the intended height, otherwise, the water pressure will be zero at the desert cooler. The maximum head is measured in meters or feet.


The intended use of the water pump is another key to consider. Different pumps are designed for different uses. For instance, some are ideal for shallow wells like the jet pump, while others are meant for deep wells like the submersible water pumps.

Depending on the level of your water table, it is advisable to select a pump that best fit the depth of your well or rather source of water.

Another factor to consider about the purpose of the pump is the amount of debris and the amount of water where you will choose either a sewage pump or a sump pump. It is advisable to consider the nature of water in your source.


The material construction of the water pump determines its quality and sturdiness. Usually, quality water pumps are made of lightweight aluminum casting, hence durable and portable.

There are other things to check to help you determine the quality of the pump. The warranty can also help you determine the quality of the material construction as well as the pump itself.

Long warranty translates to quality and durable machine. The motor also helps you to tell the quality of the water pump.

Before buying a water pump for your desert cooler, it is advisable to do research on how to determine the quality of a water pump.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) For Best Water Pump For Cooler

How Air desert cooler works?

Desert coolers work through evaporation. It consists of a moistened cooling pad where dry air is pulled in and passed over it. By moving the dry air over the cooling pad, the cool water is evaporated into the air resulting in cool air.

The air temperature is lowered during the phase transition. The effectiveness of this process is dependent on factors like the relative humidity and ambient temperature.

High temperatures and lower humidity result in the more efficient working of the cooler.

How do I choose a water pump?

To choose one, you should look for three variants: Flow Rate, Max head, Water pressure.

What are suction cavitations?

When a pump generates high or low pressure, suction cavitations occur resulting in big bubbles that cause the flow rate.

How much watt does a cooler consume?

A desert air cooler can consume up to 100-150 watts inclusive of the motor and fan.

Which water pump is best for 60 feet height?

Kirloskar Monoblock Water Pump is ideal for lifting high pressure and can lift water from 20 feet deep to a height of 60 feet.

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