10 best Water Pump Companies in India

Top 10 Water Pump Companies in India 2023 (May)

The science studies have with time proved how smart the technology of India could be. 

Choosing the best water pump motor brand is a task that needs ample research. We have outlined some of the best water pump companies:

As we all know, water is on the verge of becoming scarce. Millions of lives are reliable on the water for their daily needs. 

With the rise in population, lack of water is only increasing. 

Hand pumps were invented to bridge this gap. The simple use of this pump gained mass attention. 

But with time, due to less rainfall, these pumps failed to rise ahead. 

To rely more on freshwater engineers has come up with portable water pumps.

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These pumps are quite a suitable option to dig deep water. 

The pumps have an inbuilt motor to move the water. These pumps help one to get away with toxic water. 

Many brands today have a motive to build the best quality water pumps. The brands often come up with unique features that could retain trust. 

Top 10 Best Water Pump Companies in India or Best Water Pump Motor Brand in India 2023


This one is the best selling brand that serves quality with unique features. Laxmanrao Kirloskar started this brand in 1888. 

To offer the best and supporting the best, this venture truly made it to the top. 

Headquartered in Pune, the brand located its name to a global reach. With exports to 70 different countries, the company could easily be called as the best water pump motor brand. 

The company was keen to produce products similar to water pumps. The brand turned into the contributor by serving engines, motors, valves, screws, and filters. 

As per the reports, the brand leaped when Lakshmanrao’s son Shantanurao moved forward to take the lead in the company.

This leap made an impact on the overall progress of the brand. Kirloskar earned a growth of 32,401% in the year 1950-1991.

The progress made the company known as the best water pump companies and the rest is history. 

2. CRI (Commitment, Reliability, Innovation)

CRI is the only company that has been ruling the industry for decades. The age-old company has a strong role in making efficient products. 

With more than 50 years of expertise, CRI has the vision to grow its customers by serving them with reliable products. 

Started in 1961 by Chaitanya Koranne, the aim was to build a brand with cutting-edge technology. 

With over 35 branches and 5000 dealers, the brand sold over 1,70,000 efficient pumps. 

CRI started gaining trust among its customers and peers. As a result, the company started off selling only 100% stainless steel pumps. 

This was the phase when a small company turned into the best water pump motor brand known worldwide. 

CRI is the one among a very few which suits every industrial need. The brand deals with 1800 different products that have a global presence. 

The company’s presence in more than 120 countries attracted a belief in the future.

The Ministry of Science and Technology approved the company for its performance. The company turned into the best water pump company in India.

The brand received awards and certifications for its exceptional performance.

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Crompton brand carries a 75+ year legacy that ensures trust and a promise to deliver efficient products. 

R. E. B. Crompton and James Greaves are the founders who started their business in 1878.

The company marked 10,000 unique codes to date that only shows its unbeatable progress. 

These unique codes are nothing but a barcode used to identify products. The idea to build fine craft made Crompton the best water pump motor brand.

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The Crompton deals in a wide range of products from fans, lighting, home appliances, and pumps.

Each of these products offers a reliable service for industries, mining, agriculture, and even residential use. 

The brand has a strong team of 1500+ employees who work on a single mission. 

Intending to deliver efficient products worldwide, the company has a target to reach every industry. 

In the year 2016, the brand split into two independent companies. 

One such was Crompton which dealt with consumer goods. While the other one named Crompton Greaves offers services only to the electrical sector.  

The gross revenue of 200 Crores made by the company created a serious threat to its competitors. 

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The Texmo is known to be a brand that sticks to quality with a smart approach.

This private organization has been running for more than 60 years. Having started in 1956, the owner of this brand, Mr. R. Ramaswamy caught a smart strategy. 

The main focus was to build this brand with a clear and smart approach. Texmo used advanced technology to craft the best water pumps. 

This made the brand achieve the tag of the best water pump companies.

These water pumps and motors were issued under the name Taro. To establish the brand value, Texmo reached the agriculture, industrial, and domestic sectors. 

The makers of this brand had a vision that focuses only on satisfying needs. 

A team of 3000 global employees was used to their full potential to achieve this dream. 

The brand covered 5 million square feet of factories, offices, and warehouses. The area landed great support to increase employment. 

Apart from large expansion, the brand focuses on being a helping hand in times of need. 

With that purpose, the brand worked in three charitable projects. 

The three continents located brand earned a profit worth of $175 million.

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5. Havells India Limited

Havells is a name that follows standard design. The materials used by the company goes through a lot of testing. 

Havells set its footprints in 1958 with a mission to rule every industry. One of the best water pump companies has its headquarter at Noida. 

Mr. Qimat Rai Gupta (CEO) had the vision to turn every idea into reality. This company was noticed when the makers sold their first electrical units.  

Soon after that, the company was in the name of selling the best units in the electrical sector. 

The Havells offers home and kitchen products, lighting, and all types of water pumps. 

Havells runs 4 popular brands- Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard, and REO. These brands create a strong network for Havells to reach worldwide. 

Currently, 6000 employees have been working in 23 branches. All of these branches are situated in 150 different countries. 

As of 2016, Havells boasts 11 plants that deliver premium quality products. 

The brand has been named and listed at 125th rank among 1200 most reliable brands. 

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USHA has made its journey by marking its presence for 75 years since 1934. 

The brand has its headquarter at Gurgaon, Haryana. As per AC Nielson Survey in 2016 & 2017, the company was titled as the most reliable brand. 

The primary aim of the company is to achieve the target of making pure, pristine, and powerful. 

The best water pump motor brand provides electrical units and different categories of pumps. 

The brand is known as one of the best water pump companies that support its customers. 

With 350 authorized service centers, the company has landed support through its service stations. 
With retail outlets located in 12 different cities, this one claims to be the best water pump motor brand.

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7. V-Guard

In 1977, two employees joined hands together to form a small startup with only 1 lakh fund. 

None of them even had an idea that their small venture would move ahead of voltage stabilizers. 

With a team of 1000 diligent employees, the company started being called as the best water pump company. 

Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly is the sole owner who runs the brand headquarter at Kochi. 

The strong chain of 500 distributors and 30,000 retailers keep this brand in the list of best water pump motor brands. 

The kangaroo logo brand has successfully earned a gross value of INR 2321 crores to date. This huge revenue figure is a combined result of hard work and smart technology products. 

8. Oswal

This is one of the best water pump companies made in India in the year 2000. 

The owner, Mr. Vivek Gupta is a real reason for the overall success of this brand. 

The unique plant building worked for every small-mid industry. 

Domestic, Agriculture, Industrial, and Solar systems are the major receiver of this brand. 

The 20-year expertise makes this one a suitable and the best water pump motor brand.  

Being headquartered in Kutail, the company is widespread across 45000 square feet. 

This one is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and recognized by the Bureau Of Energy Efficiency. 

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rated 5 stars to the brand. This achievement is a reason why this one is the best water pump company in India. 

With over 2000 dealers who work on 5000 models, the company supports every need. 

With 8 service stations spread even outside the origin, this brand has been a great leader. 

The growth across countries can be seen with 20 exports. Also, the company is planning to reach 50 exports in the coming years.

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9. Sameer

Sameer was given a name equal to perfection. This is one of the best water pump motor brands. 

Started in 1990, the aim is to build products with a long life. Also, a product that can suit every buyer was their ultimate target. 

Today the best water pump company in India has 11 offices to its name. The combined network of 2000 dealers and retailers shares a great deal in earning huge profits. 

The company is emerging in the international market after a great scope of business in domestic zones. 

The brand now offers all types of electrical units apart from water pumps. 

Sameer respects the timely response of its customers. It runs service centers across different parts of the world to keep the trust alive. 

Sameer believes that every customer is important. The company works on consistent improvement. 

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Shakti is one of the best water pump motor brands that supply quality at the right price. 

Emerging in 1982, the company started to grow its business with easy to maintain products. 

The business of selling water pumps was taken over by more advanced options in no time.

Gradually, the brand focused on home and kitchen appliances, solar systems, and pump spare parts. 

The business line is one of the best water pump companies in India. As an international company, this one offers help to 125 countries. 

Situated in Pithampur, the company works for different needs. Be it working for irrigation supplies or as a part of a plan in semi-urban areas. 

The company never fails to surprise with its world-class leadership. A team of 1300 people together takes the cause in their hands. 

The 100 exports done by the company shares a belief among its customers. 

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency awarded a 5-star rating. A total of 260 water pump models shows efficient production. 

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CONCLUSION: Best Water Pumps Companies in India

With plenty of options to choose among these brands, the focus remains only on finding the best water pump motor brand. 

We would recommend buying the Kirloskar brand. The brand has a history of making profits. It offers a variety of products from electrical appliances to water pumps. The age-old brand boasts quality with unique designs. 

Another brand that truly matches the need would be CRI. The 50 years old brand is one of the best water pump companies in India. 

The brand has a huge network of dealers and distributors. With over 5000 dealers in 35 branches, the company uses only the best technology. 

Another one by Crompton fits to be the best water pump motor brand. The brand carries a decade legacy of making efficient water pumps. 

With 10,000 models, the company contributes to the overall success of its growing revenue. The revenue of 200 crores is one such achievement. 

The list has some of the most trusted water pump brands in India. We have been through wide research to help the buyers choose the best.

We hope the article sorts the search to help buyers choose the best brand. 

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