Pressure and Booster Pump Uses and Applications

Pressure Pump and Booster Pump Difference: Uses, and Applications

Most people experience the problem of low water pressures in their home. It is caused due to multiple reasons. Thankfully, we can solve this issue by employing a Pressure pump or a booster pump. 

Well, what’s the difference between these two pumps? Which is the exact pump to go for?.. the questions will be more enough. 

Here, we just got detailed information about these two pumps with their usage, application, and difference. Let’s know about these pumps in detail. 

What is the role of a Pressure Pump?

Pressure pump is used to enhance the pressure output of the water. Thus, you will get a better and fast flow of liquid from the pipe. 

However, you have to be selective in getting the best pressure pump. 

Types Of Pressure Pumps

In general, pressure pumps are categorized into three categories. They are Centrifugal Pump, Container Pump, and Drum pump.

1. Centrifugal pump

This pump is operated by utilizing the energy produced from the Impellors. It is a cost-efficient pump and mostly works well with normal fluids of low viscosity. 

2. Container pump

The container pump provides a better fluid flow rate and gives long term use. It is cost-efficient, easily cleanable, and easy to maintain. 

3. Drum pumps

Drum pipes are used for pumping out the fluid from heavy barrels. This pump is compact and can be used very effectively. It works with the mini motor attached to the shaft. 

How does Boosting pump work?

The main role of the booster pump is to enhance the flow rate of the water through the pipe. The working and output are very much similar to the pressure pump.

Then, what is the variation among these two pumps? We have also explained that here.

Types Of Boosting Pumps

These Boosting pumps are divided into vertical multi-stage, horizontal multi-stage, submersible multi-stage, and split case multi-stage pumps.

1. Vertical Multi-stage Pump 

It is a compact-sized pump with a stainless steel cylindrical body. This pump gives a better seal, and it can be removed easily without minding the plumbing. 

These pumps are also used in reverse osmosis operation because it’s easy to use design. It is very efficient and needs zero maintenance.

2. Horizontal Multi-stage Pump

Horizontal pumps are well constructed to give a sturdy performance. It also has a stainless steel built design and functions without producing large noise. 

Low power consumption quality and easy maintaining procedures make it a better quality product.

3. Submersible Multi-stage Pump

As the name indicates, this pump is completely merged in the fluid. This pump is shut on both sides with a stainless steel body. 

The advantage with this pump is, it won’t make any priming on its operation, as it was completely submerged within the fluid. It is mainly used in drilling rigs, sewage treatments, and more.   

4. Split Case Multi-stage Pumps

Split case pumps are larger in size and sport double suction impellers. As the name denotes, the pump casing was divided into two regions.

In general, this pump is used for low viscosity fluids. It is utilized in fire pumps, water cooling, and much more. 

Difference Between the Pressure Pump And Booster Pump

As we mentioned, both pumps won’t differ a lot and do the same work of increasing the water pressure. 

The pressure pump is somewhat bigger than the booster pump even though it performs the same work. The smaller pumps are always used in pool cleaning, and they are referred to as booster pumps. Then the larger pressure enhancing pumps are correlated as Pressure pumps. 

Applications Of Pressure Pumps

Pressure pumps are used in many areas where there is a necessity to increase the flow rate or to pump the water from one place to another place. Here are some applications of pressure pumps.

  • It is employed in pumping up the water from the deep well to the upper layer.
  • It can be used in rainwater harvesting plants.
  • To enhance the pressure in the water output in the home.
  • To pump the water to tanks from lakes or rivers.
  • It can be utilized in irrigation systems for increasing the flow rate of water. 

Applications Of Boosting Pumps

To remember that, the boosting pump is also very similar to the pressure pump on its working. This pump also has many applications in both residential and industrial. Here are some applications of the Boosting Pumps.

  • It can be utilized in a place where you need a steady water flow.
  • It is employed when there is a need for the compact pump to increase the flow rate of water. 
  • This pump is used for deep Well drilling.
  • It is used in firing pumps.
  • As it has high efficiency, it is used in large industries.

Advantages Of Pressure Pumps

Pressure pumps are used in many fields where increasing pressure and maintaining the water flow rate is essential. The top advantages include,

  • It gives a steady water flow output in pipes.
  • When comparing this pump with other conventional pumps, it has low weight and is carried without any troubles.
  • It gives an easy installation as it doesn’t need any mechanical instruments.
  • With this pump, you can get trouble-free maintenance and provides high efficiency.

Advantages Of Booster Pumps

When comparing with the Pressure pump, it has a relatively low weight and gives the same efficiency as the other pump. The top highlights of this pump are listed as follows,

  • It provides efficient output by minimizing the power input.
  • It has relatively low weight, and it can be transported easily.
  • It has easy installation and has many applications.
  • These pumps don’t require any complex maintenance and professional installation is enough. 

Uses Of Pressure & Booster Pump In Home

However, these pumps also play a significant role in household works like improving the water flow via pipes, showers, and even in gardening. 

Different Applications Of Pressure Pumps In Home

The pressure pump can be used in many household water equipment to increase the pressure on the liquid flow. For instance, you can get a pressure pump to increase the force and distance of the water flow in your garden spray equipment.

You can also install the pump where you need to get good water flow like bathroom showers, pipes, and more. 

This pump plays a good role in increasing the water pressure while cleaning cars, and two-wheelers. 

Pressure Pump For Shower

You may have questions like, “I am having good water flow through my shower, then why do I have to go for a pressure pump?”. Your question is just right and the need for a pressure pump installation arises when you have the water supply through an overhead tank. 

The reason is, the water flow will be better, but that flow isn’t the one for those who need a rain shower or jet spray of water. Here, you have to install the pressure pump. 

However, getting the best pressure pump for a shower involves some analysis of the quality and a better installation. 

The pressure tank in the pump has a significant role in increasing the water flow output. The best pressure pump has a good quality pressure tank that sports controllable pressure output levels. 

For a shower, a pressure output of 40 PSI to 60 PSI is enough to satisfy your pressure requirements. 

Pressure Pump For Garden

Almost everyone loves gardening. To grow your plants healthy and nourished, you have to feed them with water often. Many pipes won’t deliver a good water flow rate, so you may face difficulties in fetching water to some plants that hinder behind tall plants. 

To solve this problem, try installing the best pressure pump on the hose. You have to make sure that you do the perfect installation to prevent any feature damages.

When you install a pump, It relatively increases the flow rate of water through the hose. In many irrigation systems, a water sprinkler system is used to force the water to all plants.

Pressure Pump For Vehicle Washing 

While washing your vehicles, low-pressure fluid flow won’t work. Further, you won’t get a good force to remove the dust. 

The descent solution is to get a reasonable pressure pump for car cleaning. There are plenty of pressure pumps available in the market to choose from. By picking the best one, you can experience a better water flow output. 

It saves your time and water usage in cleaning your vehicles. 

Different Applications Of Booster Pumps In Home

Just like the name sounds similar, the booster pump working is also identical to that of the pressure pump. It is also a pump that increases the pressure on the liquid flow. Consider the swimming pool the pump used to fill water in the Pool is a Booster pump. 

Its applications are endless from mini works to large industries. The best booster pump works well for an extended time without periodic maintenance. As it was compact, it won’t occupy more space. 

These booster pumps can be used to enhance the fluid pressure at all pipe fixes on your home, pumping water from deep Wells. It is also good to use in a water sprinkler system as like in the pressure pump.

This pump is also used in fountains to draw water from any other source and use it on the Fountain. Booster pumps also can be used in high apartments to have better water flow. 


Pumps are divided into many categories based on their uses and applications. However, these pumps are used for almost all fluid-related areas.

You can also get the best pump, but the thing is, you have to be selective in choosing your pump and need a professional installation for preventing future expenses. 

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