Best Submersible Water Pumps Price List in India 2022(August)

Nowadays, Pump technologies are growing everywhere. From rural to urban areas, people are using the better flow of water only with the help of these submersible pumps. But, the thing is you won’t get a proper pump without a proper guide. Even if you search for popular online sites you will get many competing brands, and you may get messed up with what you are going to buy. 

To be selective on what you are going to buy, and what you are going to focus on, we are here with the list of 10 best submersible pumps price list in India 2022. After performing in-depth research, we found these 10 best submersible pumps. Separately, we have given 5 best submersible pumps for the bore well and 5 best submersible pumps for the open well. 

So you can figure out your perfect submersible pump for your home.

Best Submersible Pumps Price List in India 2022 For Borewell

Best Submersible Pumps Price List For Open Well in India 2022

1. Kirloskar KP4 Jalraaj-07135 1.5 HP Submersible Pump 

If you have searched for a pump for your home, you may be familiar with the famous brand Kirloskar. This is because Kirloskar is a large brand with various pump products. This submersible pump is from Kirloskar that has a pressure rating of 1.5 HP. 

The head range of this 13 stage submersible pump measures about 16-85 m. The flow rate is as high as 20-100 liters per minute, and the discharge is through the outlet of size 32 mm. Thus, you will be getting a better flow in a short duration. 

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Further, the operation of this pump is highly efficient, and won’t consume large power. No matter about your motor whether the motor is oil or water-filled, this pump suits everything. It features a metal body and corrosion resistive parts. You will get the control panel too. 

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2. V guard 1 HP 10 Stage Submersible Pump 

V guard is also a remarkable brand with a large number of water appliances. You can get any products from them, as they are known for providing excellent performance. 

This pump has a pressure rating of 1 HP and the working would be efficient. The pump is 10 stage and it is suitable for the borehole having a size of 4, 5, and 6-inches. 

It features a stainless steel body that can resist abrasion and corrosion. As it has a better build quality it can work in any hard situations. 

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This pump can pull water from a range of 65 m. Overall this 20 kg pump provides a solution to your water needs, and it comes with a digital control panel.

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3. Kirloskar Submersible 1 HP Pump

Kirloskar is a famous brand with several water appliances and pumps. Targeting towards providing a better pump with efficient working, they are holding their opposition.

The submersible pump from Kirloskar has a metal body and abrasion resistive parts. So even on longtime usage, it won’t get rusted and provide study performance. 

The pressure rating of this pump ranges about 1 HP. So, this is enough to get a pressurized water output. 

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Further, you will get a digital control panel along with your purchase. 

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4. V Guard Stainless Steel 1.5 HP 12 Stage Submersible Pump

We have already made a mention of the V guard pump before. Now, this is another mention here for the 12 stage pump. This 12 stage pump works efficiently with a high pulling rate. 

As it is a 12 stage pump, it provides a better water pull over a range of 82 m. The unique feature of this submersible pump is, it is filled up with a paraffin oil of food-grade. So, it will provide cooling conditions to the motor on its continuous operation. 

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Overall this is an efficient pump with better lubrication, corrosion resistance, and efficiency. The package also includes the digital control panel.

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5. Jaisinghani 1 HP Submersible Water Pump

This submersible water pump from Jaisinghani works efficiently by consuming low energy. It is a single-stage submersible pump with a pressure rating of 1 hp. 

This 20 stage operating pump has a total head of about 270 feet. A heavy-duty pump can withstand all kinds of obstacles and is suitable for long term operation. 

The pump features a stainless steel body that prevents the pump from going destructed by corrosion and abrasion. To support the long term functioning, it has the support of a thermal overload protector. 

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The package also comprises a control panel for this submersible pump. 

Best Submersible Pumps Price List For Open Well 

6. Kirloskar KOSi-135 Open Well Submersible Pump 

This is a pump for open Well that helps in filling your tank efficiently with the motor. From construction sites to gardening, you can install this pump anywhere. 

The material of the pump is Metal that is ideal for sturdy performance. The body of this pump is coated with CED for high protection. The parts of this pump are removable.

Even in wide fluctuations, it works effortlessly. You can get better output through the dynamically balanced parts. The total head of this pump measures 30 m. 

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Thermal overload protector provides additional security to all the parts from heat. 

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7. Kirloskar 0.5 HP Open Well Submersible Pump 

With 0.5 HP pressure ratings, this pump from Kirloskar will suit all your needs. Through its efficiency, this pump will do its work excellently. 

The body of this pump is built with metal to provide a sturdy performance. This pump will draw water over a range of 6-30 m. 

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With high durability, it can withstand high voltage fluctuations over 160-240 v. You can install this Pump on your home, garden, fountain, and on the place where you need high water efficiency. 

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8. Euro Molten Stenley 1 HP Open Well Submersible Pump 

Euro pumps are made of high quality and provide sturdy performance. This pump is packed with copper windings that withstand heavy duty. 

The pressure rating of this pump is about 1 HP that is enough to pull water effectively. When we consider the power consumption, it is low when compared to other pumps. 

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The shaft of this pump is made of high quality to extend the durability of this pump. It has high-quality Noryl impellers. You will get the control panel along with the pump. 

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9. Havells Open Well Submersible Pump 

Havells brand is a large brand with several appliances. With their best level products, they are gaining popularity. 

This pump from Havells features an aluminum body to resist corrosion. The thermal overload protector can withstand temperatures of about 115℃. Further, it has an IP-68 rating that protects the pump from water. 

The shaft of this pump is made with stainless steel, and the castings are of high-quality materials. 

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From residential use to industrial use, you can install this submersible pump anywhere. You will also get the control pump along with this pump. 

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10. Lakshmi 1 HP Open Well Submersible Pump 

The pump features a metal body to provide sturdy performance. All the parts are well sealed to provide better water discharge. 

This pump works efficiently and pulls water even from 100 m away effortlessly. 

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The pressure ratings of this submersible pump are about 1 HP that provides a decent water flow discharge. 

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Thus, we have furnished all the 10 best submersible pumps price list in India 2022. The first part of this article has the top 5 best submersible pumps for bore wells, and the second half is focused on the 5 best submersible pumps for open wells. 

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So, you can selectively look for a pump that suits your needs. Always be selective about the pressure ratings of the pump, as it is an essential factor to get perfect water discharge. 

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