Best Submersible pumps for borewell in India

12 Best Submersible Pumps for Borewell in India 2023 (May)

Water scarcity has been an issue for decades and the ever-increasing population triggers the scarce even more to the extent. With an increase in housing, every household has been dependable and so are the industrial areas.

You must have been familiar with how the farmers traditionally use borewell for irrigation purposes. Eventually, time is shaping into a refined one with more technological advances.

With the exhausting use of groundwater, borewells have begun to dry completely leaving no impression to be used again. 

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With this article, we are trying our best to get you familiar with the top 10 Best Submersible Pumps for Borewell in India to dig deep levels of water and dive into the best of knowledge. Have a look!

Top 10 Best Submersible Pump For Borewell in India 2023(Reviews & Buying Guide)

Kirloskar kp4 Jalraaj-0713S

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This borewell pump by Kirloskar claims to have what it takes to be in the rank of the best submersible pump in India. This borewell pump can be extensively used for watering farmhouses, gardening, or in nurseries.

This submersible pump is made of metal and can sprinkle water up to 10 to 350 liters per minute which covers the best of efficient use. The Kirloskar can phase 1.5 hp that is equal to 1,119 watt that leads to optimizing energy consumption. 

This motor pump is designed in such a way to work coherently in wide voltage fluctuations that range from 180 to 240 volts.

The pump is well built with an oil-filled motor that is connected with a ball bearing system to ease the installation process. 

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The best thing about the pump is that with this price, the energy consumed makes this pump an ideal choice for all your water requirements. 

The pump assures rust-resistant features and the parts are well structured to make it corrosion resistant. 

Key Features: Specification

  • The Kirloskar series has a good suction power
  • 1.5 HP power capacity
  • The oil-filled motor is quite lubricative and is designed to keep the motor impervious to overheating. 
  • The pump head has a reasonable sprinkle distance of 10 to 350 meters 
  • This pump can work efficiently with wide voltage instability.
  • Ideal for gardening and farming purpose

  • 18 months warranty period

  • Equipped with control panel

  • Energy saver

  • No after-sale service

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Kirloskar Submersible 1HP pump

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This one is another addition to the list because this highlights all the quality features that a submersible pump should have. This is considered as the best submersible pump in India because of the focus on detailed design and the known brand. 

Kirloskar has a name in making high-quality hardware tools and this one truly did justice to the offering. 

This another budget buy pump by Kirloskar is made up of a metal finely coated to give the cooling effect. This one is a lightweight submersible pump that weighs approx. 19.48 kg. 

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The thick coating makes this product fully submersible and rust-resistant. This can be installed horizontally for a borewell of a height of at least 160 feet and lower.

This Kirloskar pump can be operated for 2-3 times a day because of high working efficiency and maintenance. 

Due to powerful motor capacity, the pump can discharge the water level up to 2880 liters per minute. 

With a controlling horsepower of 1 hp, one can truly relax back to let the pump work to its full capacity. The motor is also capable of withstanding to voltage fluctuations which is a key point to address the overall functionality.

Key Features: Specification

  • The detailed design and thick-coated material is highly impressionable.
  • 1 HP capacity keeps the pump stronger and optimum. 
  • Maximum operational functionality
  • Suitable for 160 feet borewell
  • Designed to outcast discharge 2880 liters per minute. 
  • 1-year warranty claim

  • Designed control panel for smooth operation

  • Not suitable for borewell with height more than 160 feet.

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 V Guard 1 HP submersible pump

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V-Guard is a known name in the market to design ergonomic products. There is no harm in saying that this submersible pump by V-guard brings a new definition of credibility with its high and durable features. 

You can be very sure to pick this one for your needs as it restores your faith with a powerful pumping capacity. 

This is a 10 stage submersible pump built and designed to lift the head of the pump up to 68 meters. With a weight of 100mm, nothing much is needed to be done to install it horizontally.

The food grain oil fitting system in the motor assures a great safety status to further improve the cooling effect for better lubrication. This stainless steel and rust-free material truly set a benchmark to restrain even the harshest of chemicals. 

This one also sets a true example of what it takes to be in the limelight with a capacity of consuming the lowest of 1Hp power. This submersible pump claims to be a top-notch quality product to work even with wide fluctuation gaps in voltage running between 160-240v. 

There is no stress of backward draining due to well equipped NRV making this submersible pump irreplaceable.  

Key Features: Specification

  • 100 mm lightweight portable device
  • 10 impellers for higher water pressure
  • 68 meters lifting capacity
  • 750-kilowatt power utilization 
  • Lower electricity consumption works well with 160-240 voltage. 
  • Anti-friction ball bearings

  • 10 stage pump

  • Genuine product

  • V4 series safe pump

  • Not suitable for borewell size less than 4 inch

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V Guard Stainless Steel 1.5 HP 12 Stage Submersible Pump

V Guard brand is famous in the water pumps and motor system and they are known for making highly durable products for people. This pump has better power ratings of 1.5 HP and would be your perfect choice for replacing your old one.

Key features and specifications

  • Covered with high-grade stainless steel. 
  • 18 kg in weight and portable.
  • 1.5 HP highly efficient pump.
  • Better lubrications.
  • 12 stage submersible pump. 
  • Better 82 m lifting capacity.

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  • Better and sturdy build quality.
  • Better suction power.
  • Maximum lifting capacity.
  • This pump can’t be used for bore wells with a size lower than 4-inches.

It is a 12 stage submersible pump that helps in lifting the water to 82 m. You can fix this pump with any kind of bore well with a width of 100 m. To ensure lubrication and to lower the temperature of the pump while in operation, it has an oil-filled setting in the motor. 

The complete body of this submersible pump is built with rust-free stainless steel. So, the pump can remain the same for long years without getting affected by any kind of rust or corrosions.

It can safely function even under the wide voltage fluctuations range of 160- 240 V. Further, your electricity bill won’t raise with the installation of this 12 stage pump, as it works efficiently to save electricity. 

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With the help of anti-friction ball bearings, the pump can work for years without any lubrication issues. You also get the control panel along with the pump purchase. 

Havells borewell V4 HC4W submersible pump

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Havells carries an identity of serving customers with the best of durable products with a wide range in varieties. This brand is known for manufacturing the finest of the bare shaft and centrifugal pumps to expand the best of its offerings.

They are a master in building vertical and horizontal pumps to serve high-grade quality material. The aluminum coating gives a vibrant look with a sturdy surface to withstand harsh coloring agents. 

This 19.5 kg submersible pump can be entitled to be the best submersible pump in India because of the best-utilizing power capacity of 750 kilowatts. The best electricity consumption with a 410-grade stainless steel shaft is rust free designed to rule the market. 

This is a single-phase that is easy to install even in apartments, bungalows, or gardening. The well-built motor is structured and filled with water to allow maximum discharge. The high grade bush and thrust bearing customize the overall functionality. 

Also, a rotor is placed dynamically for trouble-free operation. 

Along with the smooth operation, the Havells claim to offer a 2.5-meter long power supply cable with stainless steel tube to process the capacity efficiently.

Key Features: Specification

  • 410-grade stainless steel shaft perfectly supports rust-free motor
  • 19.5 kg portable submersible pump
  • 1 HP energy-saving pump
  • Single-phase motor 
  • Customize ball bearings
  • 2.5-meter long power cable
  • No backward draining

  • 1-year warranty claim

  • Impeller and diffuser sets for quick flow pressure

  • Expensive unlike above similar products

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CRI Submersible Pump 1 HP 10 Stage Pump

In electrical systems, the CRI brand is known well for its highly durable products. In this pump, CRI combines the top-grade materials with the sturdy performing interior components. 

Key features and specifications

  • Covered with stainless steel for maximum protection.
  • 18 kg in weight for better portability.
  • Suitable for 4-inch bore well size. 
  • 10 stage submersible pump. 
  • The maximum lifting capacity is 65 mm. 

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  • Better build and efficient in working conditions.
  • Decent flow rate per minute.
  • Not suitable other than 4-inch well size.
  • Suction power can be better.

The power rating of this submersible pump is about 1 HP that is sufficient to work on its maximum efficiency. If your old pump is underperforming, you can fix this pump for achieving maximum efficiency. 

This submersible pump is 10 stage and it can lift the water to a distance of 65 m. The total design of this pump is covered with stainless steel, so your pump will work efficiently without getting affected by any kind of rust or abrasion. 

The size of the bore pump mouth is about 100 mm, so you can install this pump to any 4-inch bore well. It works efficiently even under wide fluctuations in the range of 160- 240 V. 

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It even supports the oil filled setup to keep the pump unaffected through the heat generation on continuous operation. 

CRI pumps Stainless Steel Submersible Pumpset

CRI Pumps Stainless Steel Submersible Pumpset, 2 HP 20...

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CRI is a brand name for creating hardcore thrust intelligently designed centrifugal and submersible pumps. This 100mm submersible pump is built with advanced impellers, diffusers, and check valves to attain maximum output flow by reducing the velocity. 

All the components built in the pump give proof of brand quality because each of them is rust-resistant. The shaft is croissant free build-up to support the impeller and is of the size 410 stainless steel. 

This one consumes 2 hp power efficiency to head the water level to the height of 564 feet. This submersible pump by CRI holds the true capacity of discharging 20 liters within an hour. 

The 3 kg submersible pump is the best in India because it can support single-phase wide voltage fluctuations of 200-240v with 380-415v three-phase. 

Key Features: Specification

  • Known brand 
  • 2 hp power consumption
  • The pump has a good discharge capacity of pumping 20 liters an hour.
  • It has a good pumping head that raises 564 feet.
  • Stainless steel material

  • Good suction power

  • Quite expensive as opposed to similar listed products

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 Crompton 1 HP 7STG water pump

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Crompton has been serving efficient rated products due to the classic design and innovative seamless technologies that assure good safety security as well. 

Ruling for 75 years, Crompton has put forward a step to introduce new engineered and durable tools every year keeping in mind the customer satisfaction. 

This submersible pump by Crompton is the best available in India with a V4 type waterfall pump. The enclosed driven mechanical system of the motor is a quick force to support the impeller to a shaft.

This one is a 10 stage single phase pump that can fit well into deep borewells. The epoxy-coated rotor is dynamically placed to induce AC supply from the motor. 

This oil cooled pump works to the best of capacity by pumping water to a level of 1000 feet height. The 1100 kilowatts power consumption gives a benefit to utilizing this machine for 3-4 operational repetitions. 

The ultimate features of this submersible pump gives support of relief with easy to use installation techniques. 

This borewell pump can be the best fit to dig deep in a borewell size of 4 to 4.5 inches. 

Key Features: Specification

  • Sturdy and spacious
  • V4 type motor
  • 10 built-in impellers to attain maximum pressure
  • Suitable for 4-4.5 inch borewell
  • The buyer can rely on this device as it can transport water to 1000 feet.
  • Multi-purpose use

  • The ideal choice for 4-inch size borewell

  • It can be operated 4-5 times a day efficiently.

  • Doesn’t come with control panel

  • No output pipe attached system is available

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 Topland V3 Borewell Submersible Pumpset


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This one by Topland strives to provide supportive yet smooth pumping needs by bringing this V3 designed borewell pump. This one is listed as the top best submersible pump in India because of its attributes and fine grade material that releases only the best made. 

This topland V3 borewell submersible pump is easy to assemble and durable in use. The LTB-4 grade bearing bush is wear and tear resistance that fully supports the efficient use of the motor. 

Concerning design and material consistency, the epoxy material is coated on the motor to protect it from stamping. 

This one weighs around 75mm and blows powerful performance with the stage 20 pump. 

The 1 Hp electricity consumption goes pretty much well with the energy-saving usage that can handle unstable voltage fluctuations.

This submersible pump by Topland costs low due to high efficient materials and magnetic fields. The pump has a capacity to headwater to a height of approximately 22-80 meters. This head range works very well and is one of the most magnetic features of the pump. 

The rotor of the pump works diligently to provide ample accelerated current supply. The discharge capacity ranges from 10-57 liters per minute with good flow pressure. 

 The impeller set with diffuser set attached with the

 The pump carries a lot of weightage to add the pump to this list.  

Key Features: Specification

  • 75mm lightweight portable definition
  • V3 structured durable submersible pump
  • LTB 4 grade bearing bush is wear and tear-resistant
  • 20 impellers attached makes this device highly efficient for repetitive use. 
  • The pump can draw water to a maximum 80 meters capacity
  • A good discharge rate of 10-57 liters moves the water flowing.
  • Efficient operation

  • Easy to install

  • Flexible to operate for consistent hours

  • Good suction power

  •  No batteries included

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KSB 302/05 borewell submersible pumpset

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Ksb is a well-known brand that has established a scope to invent multi-usage and durable hardware tools in the market. 

The Ksb introduces you to a new aspect of looking at borewell pumps by designing this multi-color submersible pump. This pump can delve deep into the water as it has oil-filled water that works to the best capacity. 

This 150mm sized submersible pump claims durability and has been providing consistent results. The powerful built-in motor can derive maximum discharge output flow with a great force to push water from the surface. 

The powerful power consumption of 10 HP shapes the machine into an energy saver mode that makes it a perfect buy. The head range capacity of 15-49 meters will help the buyers to look no further. 

This submersible pump by Ksb has a good discharge range of 500-1250 liters per minute that turns out to be the maximum flow rate at designed conditions. 

The attached nrv of size 75mm causes efficient water flow to run in one direction. This is attached by an output pipe to avoid any backward flow. 

Key Features: Specification

  • 10 Hp power generating pump
  • 15-49 meters drawing capacity
  • The pump has a discharge range of 500-1250 liters per minute. 
  • Attached nrv with an outlet pipe for one direction flow
  • Stage 5 submersible pump

  • Helps in pumping water to great heights effectively

  • No warranty

  • No after-sale service claim benefit

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CRI 14 stages single-phase Zuno Borewell pumpset

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CRI 4 inch borewell submersible pumpset is highly durable to the needs as it has a built-in advanced magnetic field that moves the motor to accelerate enough water supply. 

The overall design and functions of the pump are truly commendable with the effort that has been put in by manufacturers. 

The CRI 14 stage is a 4-inch submersible pump that pumps the water from the surface to convert rotary to pressure energy. 

The pump has a size 100mm that is further embodied with impeller, diffuser sets, and inbuilt non-return valve. The overall design of each component assures credibility as each one has hydraulic efficiency. 

The thermoplastic corrosion-resistant material keeps the sets safe to avoid any contact with bacteria or contact with any chemical reaction. 

The 1.5 HP power capacity is too good to save a lot of electricity bills. This zuno series by CRI is a 14 stage efficient pump that can deliver water level up to a size and height that can reach 38 meters to 95 meters. 

The overall discharge capacity head of the pump can be estimated as 0.4-1.2 liters per minute without any stress of generating air bubbles. 

There is an attached outlet pipe of size 32mm that helps in raising water to a specific height. 

Key Features: Specification

  • 14 stage pump
  • Highly durable and efficient
  • 100mm portable to move in any direction
  • 1.5 HP fuel-efficient
  • 95 meters pulling height to reach discharge point
  • The overall discharge capacity of 0.4-1.2 liters per minute.
  • Attached output pipe

  • Nvr installed escapes backward bleeding

  • Durable

  • Good suction power

  • No warranty claim

  • No control panel

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Crompton 4W14BF2E 1.5 HP Borewell Single Phase Submersible Pump

In search of a submersible pump to draw water from borewells or deep wells? Consider the Crompton 4W14BF2E instead! This powerful 1.5 horsepower pump can pump up to 100 liters per minute.

Also, it’s easy to install and maintain thanks to the user manual’s clear directions and the parts’ readily interchangeable design. The Crompton 4W14BF2E is an effective and trustworthy option whether you’re searching for a pump for your house, farm, or industry.


  • It has a 1.5 hp power rating 
  • The maximum flow rate is 100 liters per hour 
  • Head 74 meter
  • It weighs 16kgs 
It is efficient and reliableIt is heavy which could be difficult while installation

Conclusion: Which is the Best Submersible Water Pumps for Borewell in India

With increasing competitors, buyers could be a little skeptical in making the right decisions. But as far as the depth of research that entails this article, one can set aside all the worries and move forward for rational decisions according to the budget. 

We will recommend buying Kirloskar kp4 jalraaj because of upgraded features and capacity to hold 1.5 Hp power. This pump goes well with the budget and is a good pick for a higher discharge capacity. 

Another best brand submersible water pump can be CRI or Crompton because both of them aim at pumping water to a height of 560-1000 feet which is the best capacity, unlike similar products.

We hope our detailed research will prove to be beneficial in calculating the important factors underlying and will guide you through a suitable submersible pump that will meet all your budget requirements as well.

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How To Select The Best Submersible Pump for Borewell?: Buying Guide

No matter if you are buying from an online or retail store, few important factors keep the stress out of the window. Things to know before buying any submersible pump for bore well in India.

  1. Borewell Size: It is the diameter of the borehole which is done to place the pump. One must ensure to pick the submersible pump that can be fitted to the diameter size of the borehole which should be higher than the size of the pump. 
  1. Head length: The submersible pump head length is the height up to which the pump can lift water. Users must ensure to pick the best model that can raise water to the required discharge point. If the pump head is greater, the pressure would be greater also. It is measured in meters(or feet). 
  1. Discharge Rate: This factor mostly depends on the area and water table needs. The discharge rate is the rate measured per minute to know the amount of water pumped in minutes. If the area of pumping is big and requires more water supply then you must go for a higher discharge rate capacity model.
  1. Stage: The stage of the pump means the number of impellers used in the pump. If you look for a 10 stage pump, then it has 10 impellers that help in generating higher water pressure. 
  1. Suction power: A good suction power is vital to feature in ascertaining the best budget submersible pump. One should look for buying a motor that is highly efficient and shock-free.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) Related to Borewell Pump

Which is the best submersible pump brand for domestic borewell?

CRI is the best brand for domestic borewell as the brand itself claims to support models that can provide maximum output with a little investment.

The 2 Hp electricity consumption with a higher pump head is an additional benefit to pick this one. 

Which type of motor is best for borewell?

The submersible pumps are highly efficient as they pump water directly from the surface to the head of the pump. They generate less electricity and causes no heating stress as it gets fully submerged in water. 

Which brand pipe is best available for borewell?

PVC pipes are the best material for domestic borewell as it is highly rust-resistant and there is no scope of tearing off which makes it an easy buy. 

How deep should be a submersible pump in a well?

The submersible pumps should be deep enough inside the well to discharge higher water levels. The depth range can be anything between 25 feet to 400 feet. 

What is a single phase submersible pump?

A single-phase motor is a power a motor can operate. Single-phase motors are usually meant for residential purposes because it loads power under 1000 watts and is meant for smaller appliances. 

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