Best 1 HP Crompton Pumps in India 2021

5 Best Crompton 1 HP Water Pumps in India 2023 (May)

Water pumps are significant if you need to pull water from the underground. However, all the pumps won’t perform well and provide pressurized water output. Some top brands like Kirloskar and Crompton, provide the best pumps to the users by satisfying their requirements. To know more about the best pumps, give out a look at our list of best Crompton water pumps in India. 

This also includes the best Crompton submersible pumps. To be aware of your pump, we also added the buying guide for getting the best pump. 

Best Crompton 1 HP Water Pump 

1. Crompton 1 HP SP Mini Champ Water Pump 

This multicolor water pump from Crompton provides a sturdy performance when it comes to increasing the water output. The total head volume of this pump is about 3-54 m. When we consider the capacity, it is about 5400 litres per hour. 

The discharge rate available on the pump is about 2700-500 m. It uses a self-priming pump up to a distance of 8 m. By eliminating the need for a centrifugal switch, it has a capacitor start and runs setup. 

To provide extended lifetime and performance, it has the help of brass impellers. To provide ultimate protection to the motor from heat damages, it has a thermal heat protector. 

You can use these pumps on lawns, bungalows, hotels, homes, and apartments. The body of this pump is built with aluminum. So, it is resistant against corrosion action. 

The pump is given an additional layer of double metal to resist all kinds of damages. 

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  • This pump is fully protected.
  • It won’t generate much noise in its operation.
  • Better warranty.
  • No installation service available.

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2. Crompton Greaves Mini Sapphire 1 HP Water Pump 

This pump from Crompton provides sturdy performance by pumping the water efficiently. With multicolored skin, it is made with aluminum material. 

Through the packed brass impellers, it provides high performance for a long time. To eliminate the use of a centrifugal switch, it uses the PSC type technology. 

Its head range is about 6-34 m. You can experience effective water pumping even at a 5-floor distance. A pump should be protected from heat damage for long durability. So, it has the support of a thermal overload protector. 

The 8 kg pump body of this pump is made with aluminum. Thus, it will resist corrosion to provide maximum durability. You can use this pump in bungalow, hotel, 

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  • Supports carrying handle.
  • Better suction power.
  • Easy claim warranty.
  • It may generate some noise.

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3. Crompton 1 HP SP Mini Crest Water Pump

This is a mini Crompton water pump with 1 HP capacity. It is a sturdy performance pump that can efficiently pump water even to a 5-floor building. 

The aluminum body makes sure that this pump will resist corrosion and another kind of damages. It comes with a brass impeller that pumps water excellently. 

The head range of this pump is about 6-34 m. When we look at the discharge rate, it is much decent about 2700 to 500 LPM. No more worries regarding the heat damage, as you will have the protection through the available thermal overload protection. 

A smart PSC system eliminates the use of a centrifugal switch in this motor pump. This self-priming pump has the capacity of priming up to 8 m. 

Overall, this 8 kg pump can be installed on bungalows, hotels, lawn sprinklers, homes, and apartments.

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  • It has a decent built quality.
  • Better suction.
  • It may underperform sometimes.

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4. Crompton Mini Masterplus 1 HP Water Pump 

Similar to all other Crompton 1hp pump, it is also a mini pump with high efficiency. With its sturdy performance, ut efficiently pumps the water regardless of its size. 

Crompton always provides the best pumps to their customers, and the pumps meet all the requirements. It works through the PSC motor that utilizes a capacitor. So, this setup eliminates the need for a centrifugal switch.

The capacity of this pump is 1 HP that is well sufficient to get pressurized fluid flow. This pump has an aluminum body that restrains corrosion. 

Regardless of the size, you can fix this on your home, bungalow, apartment, and hotel. 

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  • The pump has better-built quality.
  • Works well.
  • Better warranty claim.
  • It may lag in its continuous operation.

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5. Crompton 1 HP 7STG Submersible Water Pump 

This is a submersible pump from Crompton. These pumps are generally operated using an electrical motor. 

The pump pressure ratings are about 1 HP and this is a 10 stage single phase pump. The rotor of this pp is coated with epoxy to extend the lifetime of this pump. 

With a unique design, it optimizes the use of electricity. No more concerns about the frequent maintenance, as it uses the squirrel cage induction motor.   

Installation of the pump is also so simple that it involves some simple settings. Working with this motor won’t make any noise so that you can enjoy noiseless working. 

Overall, this is a better submersible pump that consumes low electricity, provides high efficiency, and it is completely noiseless.

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  • It works efficiently.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Reliable pump.
  • No remarkable negatives.

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Water Pump Buying Guide 

The best pumps should always satisfy your pressure requirements. Looking in that way, you may end with several pump brands available on the market for your search. You may become helpless in finding the best pump that you need. 

Considering those situations, we made this water pump buying guide. You can use this to get your best Crompton water pumps and best Crompton submersible pumps. 

Suction Power And Pressure

Pressure is dependent on the pressure ratings like 0.5 HP, 1HP, and more. Even on the best Crompton 0.5 HP water pump, you will get some decent water output. If you need a pump that is sufficient for your home you may go with the best Crompton 0.5 HP water pump. 

Similar to the pressure rating, suction power is also a significant factor. The higher the suction power, the greater the efficiency. 

Build Quality

Before evaluating anything, look for this factor. If the body of the pump is made of low quality, the lifetime of the pump will be reduced. So, consider this factor too. 

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Warranty and Noise Generation

Always get a pump with maximum Warranty. It ensures additional safety to the pump. 

The noise generation isn’t a significant factor to evaluate while looking for the best pump. 

Thermal Overload Protection

Protection is a major factor to consider. If a pump is operated for a long time, it generates heat that can harm the pump. To solve this harm, some best pumps come with an in-built thermal overload protector. 

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Why Crompton Pumps Are Preferred?

Crompton is serving the best performance for over a century. They provide higher pulling capacity. The pumps can operate under wide voltage fluctuations. 

Most of their pumps are of high quality and well sealed for delivering maximum durability. For more than 75 years, they are meeting their customer requirements with their advanced technologies.

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Crompton pumps are highly preferred for their excellent performance. So, without any further investigation, you can get a pump from Crompton. 

Conclusion: Best 1 HP Crompton Water Pumps

Thus, we have listed the best Crompton water pump and its buying guide. Remember that, you can also use our guide for getting the best Crompton submersible pumps. 

In this list, we suggest Crompton 1 HP SP Mini Champ pump and Crompton Greaves Mini Sapphire water pump. 

These pumps have great efficiency and effectiveness towards pumping. Comparing with other famous products this pump has many features with negotiable disadvantages. So, they are a great deal to get for home, hotel, apartment, and bungalow. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to get a pump from Crompton?

Yeah. You can get the best pumps from them. Their pumps are efficient and have several features.

What’s the maximum pushing distance of a 1 HP pump?

Approximately, a 1 HP pump can push the water over a distance of 80 feet.

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What should I consider as the main factor before buying a pump?

As the main factors, check the build quality, pressure ratings, and suction power. 

What’s the discharge rate of a 1 HP pump?

For a 1 HP pump, the discharge rate is about 80 liters. 

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How to choose a pump?

You can simply get the suitable pump by going through the buying guide here. 

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