Best Battery Operated Spray pumps 2020

10 Best Battery Operated Spray Pumps in India 2023 (September)

The gardens and farms of India are a house for millions of plants and crops growing every day. With the growing use of seeds, the use of other things goes into making a healthy land. 

Each seed that further develops into a crop or a plant needs to be taken care of like a baby. With no attention on their life cycle, they either decay out or make a home for weeds or insects. 

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Only depending on one source like water is not going to be helpful in the long run. After all, it is the duty of us as a natural protector to come up with healthy ways to protect our plants. 

Best Battery Operated Spray(Sprayer) Pumps in India 2023

The agriculture sector has been quite approachable to come up with the tools and devices like sprayers.

They have gained immense popularity to protect plants from the discomfort of insects. 

With hand use sprayers, things have been fairly easy. But still, the impact created by these manual sprayers has been limited.

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Due to the inability to use them for long hours or to cover large areas, this article features the best battery-operated sprayers.

Top 10 Battery-Operated Sprayer Reviews, Buying Guide, Pros, Cons

Greenfield Knapsack Sprayer

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The reason behind including this product on the top of our list is its seller. Normally, sellers claim their mediocre products to be top-notch just for creating a brand value.

But this product has been sold by top sellers at a decent price. 

The best battery spray pump by Greenfield can be used to ensure safe farming and gardening.

With strong built quality, the materials used inside the liquid does not spoil the high-grade plastic of the tank. 

The unique feature of this sprayer is its 12V and 8 Amp battery. The battery used inside takes away all the pain and process that goes into manual labor. 

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Once recharged, it can effectively drain liquid for 5-6 hours without a pause. This feature of a regular supply of medicine is quite handy if you intend to use it on large farms.  

Also, with 100 PSI pressure of the pump, it can be used for fast and efficient spraying. The steel stick attached carries water through the pump in a way to not cause any leakage. 

In terms of capacity, it can store 16 liters liquid in a plastic tank that carries a wide cap for a safe refill.

Widely used for pesticides, it is always safe to avoid a reach from children. 

  • Helpful for pesticides

  • 16 Liter capacity

  • Solid battery life

  • Available spare parts

  •  Only one nozzle tip

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Neptune BS-13 Sprayer

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The Neptune is a name that has been running in agricultural products ever since its origin. 

Being a brand name, it never fails to impress with its impressive features. This will further be assured when you own this product in your house. 

The high-quality plastic tank has a thick density to not get burned out by chemicals. Also, the wide tank cap will prevent liquid from falling off the tank. 

You will easily focus on regular spray with 16-liter storage while avoiding any outside control.

With 12volt and 12 Amp powerful battery, this machine can be a big relief. The battery will land 2 hours to feed enough energy to your plants. 

To control the pressure of the pump that can create 0.45 mPa, this one has a regulator.

To enable even spraying to cover each one of your plants, it comes with 4 nozzles. Each nozzle is steel-framed with flat-fan, hollow cone, full-cone, and two-way cone. 

The Neptune sprayer also includes a steel stick, a pressure valve, a charger, a lockable handle, and shoulder straps.

  • Strong shut-off valve

  • Adjustable lance

  • Four nozzles

  •  Less output

  • Need to recharge the battery after every 2 hours

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Neptune VN-12 Battery Sprayer

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Unlike the Neptune BS-13 model, the VN-12 machine is quite light in weight. With features that focus on durability, it will make space for 16 liters liquid. Also, a filter attached will make sure no waste flows on to your plants.

In terms of better spraying, makers have added 4 different patterns to cover areas as per the need. Each nozzle has a tip that secures it tight to the handle. Also, if we talk about the handle, an easy-to-open lock feature on its surface will start the machine in no time. 

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With comfortable straps, the wearer will feel no weight while spraying the water to the plants. Even the focus on the weight-shifting back of the device is a bonus. 

The best thing about buying this one is its compact battery. It serves a dual purpose. Firstly, once recharged, it can work for 5-6 hours. Secondly, the device can run in reverse mode even if the battery reaches an end. This is the best battery spray machine suitable for insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, etc. 

  • Long battery life

  • Flexible use

  • Best for reaching hidden germs

  • Less pressure at times

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KH Multipurpose Sanitizer Sprayer

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Not every brand that you come across grab a place for a suitable buy. That is because they do not live up to what they claim to be. 

Moreover, if you intend to look beyond the brands, this one by KH is easy to carry on shoulders.

Being an Indian origin, the heavy-duty pump can force decent pressure to spray within less time. 

This Indian product can safely store 18 liters of solution. The dual function to use it by hand or battery will surely add more life to it. 

Being cost-friendly too, the features to unlock the pump with a single press are worth looking at.

Even the nozzles of different sizes and patterns aim the desired land correctly. 

With an extendable stick, made up of high-quality steel, the scope of dripping is limited.

Also, the connectors are quite true to the size to avoid any part to dislocate. 

The package will include a battery, nozzles, washers, valves, double filter, level marker, etc. to ensure every need. 

  • Effective for long terms

  • Dual-function

  • Large tank capacity

  • Double filter

  • Irregular pressure

  • Not a brand name

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Krishi Sanjivani Battery Knapsack Sprayer

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If you are not satisfied with the batteries that add kilos to your back, then this best battery spray pump is the right fit. 

Unlike a similar Lead-acid battery, the Lithium-Ion battery used is super beneficial. The battery is light in weight to shift buyers’ attention only to spraying. 

Moreover, the efficient charge time will make your gardening process smooth even if used for long hours. 

In terms of usage, you can pour 16 liters of liquid without having to worry about the replacement cost. The 12V and 12Amp battery life have their benefit to save electricity. 

In addition to spares like nozzles, filter, rod stick, washer, valves, etc., it also features an LED bulb and charger.

The LED bulb is an add-on to help you find the right plant even during the night. 

This sprayer pump by Krishi Sanjivani is an Indian origin brought to save crops and plants. It is an ideal use for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.  

  • Lightweight battery

  • Indian brand

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Not suitable for low spraying

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AgriPro APKB18 Battery Sprayer

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This new AgriPro APKB18 is the best battery operated spray pump. The spray tank is ideal to be used for any type of solution.

The pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, or any vegetable plant growth solution can be used in this sprayer.  

You will be boasting this durable machine in your garden or farm for all your needs.

The 18-liter tank capacity machine also includes a marking inside. These markings will help users identify the level of liquid that they are using. 

The center bottom side of this plastic device has a voltmeter to check for the battery. Even the in-built battery is super powerful to run for long hours. 

The length of the stick can be made short or long as per the height needed by the users. 

However, the use of only one nozzle is sure to limit the spray pattern for people who are looking to cover wide areas at once. 

As for that matter, one can always opt for areas that need less spraying.

  • 12V and 8Amp battery

  •  IOS certified

  • High-pressure flow

  • Includes only one nozzle

  • Not suitable to cover large land

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Aimex Battery Spray Pump

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The best product at a price hard to believe is not what you see often. This backpack spray pump is an ideal budget buy option for all your farming needs. 

This backpack spray pump can be carried easily as it has comfortable shoulder straps to remove pain after long use.

Also, the feature to shift weight evenly to all sides is a bonus. 

As in terms of liquid level, the user can easily load 16 liters of any solution according to the need.

To pump easily, there is an automatic pressure being forced by the motor. 

You just have to load the pump by pulling the lock which further carries pressure at smooth flow. 

The Aimex machine is the best battery operated spray pump that can pull off 16 liters liquid. One can use it for 8 hours straight once it gets loaded with its powerful battery. 

However, the only drawback is the heavy battery that can be hard to carry for weak immune farmers. 

  • Ideal for any use

  • Spare parts available

  • Best price

  • Limited spray patterns

  • Not suitable for weak farmers

Generic Battery-powered Spray Pump

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The Generic brand has been known for selling the best products with unique features. The machine has an inbuilt battery designed for the sole purpose to serve every customer need. 

The Generic spray pump is the best battery spray machine to be used for vegetable plants also.

The need to pull the lever time and again to create a pressure has been replaced by the in-built battery. 

The powerful 12V and 12A battery can be recharged as the package includes a charger too. The battery charged pump can flow all the liquid for 5-6 hours. 

To increase product efficiency, this is the best battery pump to even control the fluid pressure.

Highly used for low-medium spraying, this can be an ideal tool for your need. 

You can store 16-liter chemicals to destroy weeds and insects to the core. Also, there is a framed cushion designed at the back of the device for a strong backload. 

  • Wide tank cap

  • Sleek design

  • Additional spare parts

  • No extra nozzles

  • Not meant for high pressure

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iBell IBL-PS12 88 Knapsack Battery Spray Pump

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If you are someone who cannot trust the brand unless it covers a warranty period, then this product will suit you the most. 

Most of the battery spray pumps are the best battery spray pumps in all its features and use. Rather, they have been working fairly efficiently to all the demands. 

Yet, the power of having a product that also gives the best after-sale support is priceless. Also, the feature of 16-liter storage capacity is sure to make you hit the buy button. 

The makers have focused on the battery life of this spray pump. With 12V and 6A battery, it also runs low on electricity use. 

Once recharged, you can carry it on your back to spray for 7-8 hours without any leakage stress. 

The light in a weight Lithium battery is included in the package along with other important items. 

  • Strong battery

  • Long battery life

  • Less electricity use

  • Less strong battery as compared to other brands

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Bold Battery-Powered Spray Pump

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The Bold brand is quite a new name to be included but has some strong features to make a bold statement. 

The varied features and overall design of the best battery pump is the best thing about its use. 

One can store 16 liters liquid which remains safe without having to fear about its leakage. Also, the metal body tank can easily prevent any chemical to spoil its quality. 

Even with 6 hours use, the wearer feels safe as it has extra cushion support at the back.

Concerning pressure, it can create 0.2-0.45 mPa in a single stretch. The high pressure by the motor will help to cover large areas leaving no stains. 

In terms of use, it can lift the liquid to 7-9 feet high at a set pattern. With 12V and 8A battery, a single charge is best enough to be used without delays. 

  • Ideal for any chemical use

  • High-grade tank body

  • Resist rust and wear out

  • High pressure

  • Not suitable for low-medium mist spray

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CONCLUSION: Which are Best Sprayer Pumps

We hope this article about the best battery spray pump will be of good use. This article has featured every brand that we think is best in terms of price, quality, and need. 

However, there are some products that we think are a must-have to limit the space of pest attacks.  

We shall recommend the Greenfield spray pump that ranks on the top in our list.

This one has the best seller on amazon that not only builds premium features but also supports after-sale services. Even the 100PSI pressure range of the pump is a bonus factor. 

Secondly, we would recommend Neptune BS-13 for its unique features. First-one being, high power battery, and the second-best is its pump pressure. Both of these parts of this spray pump make this one a durable buy too. 

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Buying Guide: How to Select the Best Battery Battery Spray Pump

  • Comfort: The comfort factor is the most important point that many of us fail to understand. We often look over the quality and design thinking other things will fall into place. 

Comfort is the only thing that is going to stay if you intend to buy it for a one-time purchase. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure wide and strong shoulder straps are attached at the back.  
  • Always check if the back of the spray has cushion design to balance out the weight. 
  • Always assure that the materials used in the chemicals are not too strong to spoil the inner metal body.
  • Price: There is no room for doubt as this factor itself speaks volumes about its efficiency. 

If you are someone who is on the job of an on-site field, then consider buying sprayers that can be used for a long time. Even if the price is a little high, you can always make for the quality purchase for your daily use. 

On the other hand, if you happen to be the gardener of your house, then you can consider low budget options. But please make sure you always place quality over price. 

  • Capacity: The storage capacity of the tank is the first thing to look for. It is always safe to use at least a 16-liter tank capacity spray pump. 

So, even if you own a sprayer for only 5-liter liquid, you don’t have to refill the tank. Having a large volume tank will ensure you save more time and money. 

  • Pressure: The pressure created by the pump is also an important feature. Most of the battery-powered spray pumps have good pressure to release the air pressure inside

While choosing a pump based on pressure, it is safe to go with 100 or more PSI sprayer. 

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